IT Fitness Test

The largest digital skills test in Central Europe.

The IT Fitness Test is the most comprehensive way to test the digital skills of primary and secondary school pupils and teachers.





150 000 pupils and students tested

Over the past 12 editions,
almost 550 thousand respondents have tested their digital skills.
Join them this year!

Who can take the test?


Primary school pupils

Find out how well you know your way around the digital world and whether you are sufficiently prepared to study at secondary school.


High school or university students

Find out which key digital skills you need to improve to be ready for further study or the job market.


Primary, secondary and higher education teachers

Gain insight into your digital skills level, test your pupils too and help them further their education.

Why IT Fitness Test?


Digital skills are a necessity for all of us in the 21st century. Without sufficient orientation in the digital world, it is very difficult to succeed. Therefore, as a first step, we need to know what our strengths and weaknesses are and then educate ourselves further in the necessary areas.

Coordinated testing in schools and classrooms is essential for the success of the project. The test gives teachers an overview of their pupils' digital skills levels and allows them to focus on areas where pupils need to improve in their further education.

In addition, pupils and whole classes compete for fantastic prizes to help them further develop their skills.



Test your digital skills and play for great prizes!