I want to test myself

Do you think you can handle IT and digital technologies? Find out by participating in the IT Fitness Test, the biggest test of digital skills in Slovakia.

After successfully passing the test, you also advance to the drawing for our main prize, the new Xbox Series X game console!


We have prepared a bunch of other great prizes for everyone who participates in the IT Fitness Test. You can find the rules and status of the contest HERE


IT Fitness Test in a nutshell

  • The largest test of digital skills in Slovakia with 300,000 solvers.
  • Eleventh annual IT Fitness Test.
  • Proven and verified way to test digital skills.
  • Provides a realistic picture of what IT knowledge our pupils and students possess.
  • It is impossible to cheat on the test, it is up to each solver’s skill and how they deal with it.
  • It pulls students and teachers out of the boredom of corona-forced online education.
  • Makes home learning fun.
  • A fun and lively form of IT education.


How to take part

  1. Sign up HERE
  2. In your profile mark whether you are an elementary / high-school student or university student, a teacher, or if IT is just your hobby. This will help us to gain a more accurate picture of the true state of digital skills in these sections of the population.
  3. Fill in your profile in the Information survey. It serves us for better evaluation of test results and better data analysis.
  4. Choose a test depending on whether you are studying at elementary or secondary school. The more difficult version of the test is also intended for the adult population and teachers.
  5. Read the questions carefully and do not rush to answer. Use all available tools (Google, social networks, office software, etc.) to get the right answer.
  6. Ideally, you should take the basic school test within 45 minutes and the more difficult test within 1 hour, but you can spent more time to achieve the best possible result. The test duration is limited to 48 hours.
  7. At the end of the test, you will receive a certificate with your achieved result.

Choose test

This year we are also interested in school administrators and founders finding out how their students and teachers stand. The IT Fitness Test offers the opportunity for any teacher or a teacher representative (e.g. a school’s digital coordinator) to know all relevant test results. The teacher representative or digital coordinator can secure the access for school testing by security PIN. Students without their own e-mail account can also be tested. The school’s founders can request a summary of test results for their schools of course anonymised according the GDPR rules. Any organizations with their employees or members can also participate in the testing and apply for their registration in the Contact form.